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Crane Forks

Crane Forks

Crane forks that take the load. Proven quality by KINSHOFER. Regardless whether paving stones or bricks, trellised boxes or other unit loads. Quick loading and with a KINSHOFER crane fork saves time and money.

KM 414 Crane Fork

With mechanical compensation of centre of gravity in form of clamp strap located on upper beam. Therefore centre of gravity is infinitely variable. Height (H) adjustable from 41 1/3 to 65" (outer dims). Tines adjustable from approx 13 1/3 to 37" (outer dims / B). Easy tine adjustment with notch lever. Suspension eye for either flange rotator or crane hook is included. Please specify when ordering.

KM 4125 Crane Fork

With automatic centre of gravity. Height (H) adjustable from 41 1/3 to 65". Tines adjustable from approx. 13 1/3 to 37" (outer dims /B)

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