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Brick Stack Grapple

Brick Stack Grapple - KM 331 M - KINSHOFER

This automatic, single-line grapple is an economical way to handle pavers, bricks and/or blocks without pallets. The KM 331M opens to 42", closes to 26", with 21" plunge depth. Raising and lowering the clamp cycles the two-step ratchet mechanism in one step. An optional 21" long movable padded shoe (KM 381M) allows the clamp to handle 1,2, or 3 "straps" of stone. A clamp swivel (KM 353M) increases versatility & convenience when used with a fork lift truck.


Brick / Paver Handling Equipment

Model Description Weight (lbs)
KM 331 M

Mechanical Brick Stack Clamp

Automatic latch and release, single line mechanical clamp for handling stacked pavers, bricks, etc. Features durable, replaceable, polymer gripping pads. Minimum hook height = 36": Clamping range: 42" max ./ 26" min. Capacity: 3,200 lbs.
KM 353 M

Clamp Swivel Attachment

Use this with your fork lift truck to ensure load hangs level when operating on uneven ground. A must for most delivery, new construction applications.
KM 381 M

Padded Shoe Attachment

Can be used with KM 331M or KM 331MS clamps. Shoes include 3" w x 22" lg synthetic rubber gripping pads. Padded shoes soften clamping load and allow greater flexibility with 1, 2, or 3 "straps" of stone.
KM 331 MS

Sections Clamp

Automatic latch and trelease, single line, narrow, mechanical clamp for handling stacked pavers, bricks, etc. Features durable replaceable, polymer gripping pads which can be rotated 90 degrees for handling vertically stacked materials. Minimum hook height = 40"; Clamping range: 42" max to 10" min. Capacity: 1,600 lbs.
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